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teacher gifts

21 years ago

Do you do them at the end of the year? At holidays, too? How often during the year do you give the teacher a gift? Every year? Every teacher? What do you give?

I've been giving DS's teacher books for the classroom at holidays (Christmas) and the end of the year. When he split his time equally between two teachers, I gave to both. When he's with one daily teacher, just her, not all the fine arts/PE teachers. But lately I'm beginning to feel it's too much. I wonder if the teacher even cares. Mabye just a card would be fine. Some teachers have been very appreciative, others seem almost bothered.

I'm gonna have to make a decision today, only two days of school left. I'll do what ever the mood strikes of me today. Just wondering what is going on with other parents. This year, I just have one child in school. But eventually this is going to get out of hand.

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