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Cheap cereal

18 years ago

If you want to pay about $3.00/lb. for wheat ... buy some sugar-coated processed cereal.

For about $2.00/lb., buy some wheat processed into those little fabricated stringy bundles - Shredded Wheat, or Shreddies, to name a couple of brands.

For about $1.00/lb., buy some ground wheat at the bulk store and boil it in water, adding some spices, raisins, dates, etc. for some added zing.

I plan to visit one of my farmer neighbours, who are harvesting wheat with their combines, these days.

I'll buy about a bushel of wheat (or maybe half a bushel) which will be 60 lb. (possibly 30 lb.) and they'll probably charge me $3.00 - 4.00 (possibly more - I haven't checked for sure). About the same price that they received 30 years ago, thanks to about a half dozen companies controlling the world grain market.

After a few months, I'd save enough to buy a blender, that'll grind it up quite nicely. Except that I fell heir to one, to grind the peanuts that I love but can't eat with only three teeth, when my daughter, executor of her Mom's estate, took pity on me while distributing the estate.

Or, I could buy a small grinding mill that'll be more effective.

Also, I'll ask my brother the retired farmer in Saskatchewan to get me a bushel or so of hard spring wheat when the farmers near him are threshing, that I can grind up to make my own bread.

I've been thinking for a while that I should buy a bread maker and got one for $7.00 at a yard sale the other day.

All that I need do now is learn how to use it.

Son has one - he'll teach me.

Nice to learn a bit from one's kids, once in a while.

God help us when we get so wise that we can't learn anything.

ole joyful

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