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How do you know if your average child needs help?

22 years ago

My daughter is in the 4th grade. She makes a's & b's with the occasional c. However, it takes a lot of time and effort from both of us to maintain these grades. I just don't think it should be this hard. This past semester her grades dropped. The frustrating thing is I think she worked harder last semester then any other time.

I sometimes get concerned that she is not comprehending what she reads. She was a slow starter in reading and is now about average. It is very difficult for her to study notes and then tell me what they say without looking. Even when I go over them with her verbally, I can just see this glazed look come over her.

She is a wonderful child, but not a self starter. Her dad thinks she is lazy, but I use the term unmotivated.

She can be sensitive and I'm not sure I want her to think she is dumb by having her tested when her grades aren't that bad. However, it hurts to see her get so frustrated with the whole process. And, I am tired.....

Her teachers say she is a good child with average grades and not to worry. But they do not know how difficult it is at home. I feel I am teaching her instead of them. I was a chronic daydreamer when I was in school so I wonder if that may be part of the problem. However, I do not notice her daydreaming at home.

She goes to a small private school with no ability to test her. Our local public school is not that great and I hesitate going there. Are there any other ways I can have her tested? And what would I ask them to test her on.

I'm not a stickler for straight A's, but I hate to see her struggle to maintain average grades with so much time and heartache.

Any suggestions and studying tips would be appreciated!

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