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How do you know your using enough detergent in your traditional top lo

8 years ago

I was thinking about this and wondered how everyone with traditional machines know their using enough detergent. Lets consider the different formulations, HE, he for both, and non HE. Some people use non HE detergent in the traditional, that's what that formula is for, but it suds up generally a lot...the he for both, most that I've tried also has high sudsing, and HE is formulated to be low suds. now the tricky part comes into much to use. There's been talk of, enough is enough of any given detergent if the water feels slippery, I've used this as an indicator myself, however that cannot be the only indicator of weather you've used enough, reason being, maybe you've added enough to make the water slippery, so now we know enough detergent has been added to condition the water and suspend dirt and lint, but did we add enough to allow cleaning chemicals, enzymes and oxi bleach to do their job? There's a lot of talk about using too much detergent but what about, are we using enough? I've never quite figured this out to satisify myself 100%. considering slipperiness or suds is not a concrete indicator. so can anyone satisify me 100% how to know I'm using the correct amount of detergent?

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