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Jogging or walking for exercise?

18 years ago

Hi again all,

In recet years a number of young people and middle aged people as well, have gone out jogging daily.

Seniors are more inclined to walk.

As I see a number of people in wheel chairs and know that many have had hips and knees replaced, I wonder whether all of that hammering on the legs and joints while jogging may result in damaged cartilage in the joints in later years?

As we know, desk-job people who go out to do physical work with their hands find their hands to be less tough and calloused, so much less resistant to pressure, abrasion, etc. than those of construction workers, farmers, etc.

I wonder whether the cartilages in joints build up similar resistance to the hammering of jogging, enough to avoid unusual injury or deterioration in later years?

Anyone have some wisdom to offer?

Good wishes for good health, prosperity, good friends and things to do - and the common sense to appreciate them.

How often we forget to be thankful for the good fortune of having good health during our later years - until we lose a substantial portion of it.

ole joyful

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