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Feel guilty retiring

13 years ago

I retired at 60 due to an early retirement package from where I worked. If I didn't take it I would have lost many benefits if I did retire at a later date. I would have kept working until who knows when if this package wasn't offered.

It will be 2 yrs since I retired. I have to say I love retirement. But at the same time I feel guilty I'm not working. I had a great job before in IT but it was very stressful. I keep looking at other IT jobs and have almost taken them and then backed down. Why go back to that stress.

I've thought about fun jobs but they don't pay enough to bother. I've done the volunteer work but then I put so much into it that I make it stressful for myself.

I've started a couple businesses but don't seem to have the desire to make them successful.

Everyone keeps asking me what I do all day. I feel guilty if I don't have something I'm working on. I feel since I am healthy I should be working.

I guess I can't accept the fact that my career may be over. I also feel if I am not working I may not keep mentally sharp.

Has anyone else struggled with this issue?

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