Need help/Ideas on rental house(!)

7 years ago

I have a rental house far from where I live, the small PA town seems to be mainly comprised of welfare and disability money gatherers. The last tenant we had, (also on welfare (4th tenant in a row like this!)) broke 8 windows, cracked the foundation, siding, one door, walls and left the house so badly in shape the township condemned it!
Now my problem (as if the above wasn't enough), my parents are elderly and frail (they are the homeowners) and I don't think it a good idea to take them down there (+personal stuff), I can't go alone. We can't hire a contractor to work because they want money upfront. My dad already lost $600 that way (guy ran off). We no longer trust people in that area, due to the way they misrepresent themselves and lie to get the job. My parents are financially just ekeing by.
Do you guys have any ideas to help me in my time of need?! We can't find any property managers either. We can't even sell the house without profit (how badly could this woman have wrecked it?!!). In the end I'll have to try and go if nothing happens but it would be extremely hard for us, so I'm stupidly asking if anything can be done. Thanks

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