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oak vs pine vs maple interior doors

17 years ago


I'm so glad I found this venue. This is my first post to any garden web forum. I am planning to replace my hollow core interior doors with 6 panel wood doors, which I plan to paint. I have priced Oak ($220) Maple ($147) and Pine ($70) at my local Lowe's and am in the proces of deciding which one to go with. I am very sensitive to noise and would like to choose the one that is the most sound proof. i understand that oak and maple are both hardwoods and therefor more dense (and sound proof) than pine. Does anyone have thoughts on this? Is oak more sound proof than maple or vice versa? If so, enough to justify the big difference in price compared with the pine? I will be replacing 6 doors. What about painting? Is one (oak or maple)easier than the other to paint or does one look better painted than the other? Another factor I want to consider is weight. I have reviewed previously posted messages on this subject and there were a few that said very heavy doors can cause problems. Are Oak or Maple 6 panel doors likely to be a cause for concern in this regard? Your thoughts on this would be most appreciated. Happy to have found you. Erin

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