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Perhaps it's safe to try again...and a note about my father

11 years ago

I first joined Gardenweb a long, long time ago. I think it was around 1997 or 98. Might have been even earlier.

Anyway, after some unpleasant comments a few months ago, I took a sabbatical from this site. I thought I'd give the site another try. :)

Peace, peace, peace. And more peace. I come in peace.

After so many years here, I'd like to try again before abandoning a place I've visited for 13 or 14 years. In that vein, I also wanted to let folks know that my 91-year-old father passed on last week.

Y'all may remember the stories I told about me trying to get his driver's license away from him, and then disabling his three Cadillacs, and on and on. Oh, what a mess that was! He was driving into ditches and walls and other cars, but refused to give up his driving rights!

Perhaps you'll recall his favorite Caddy: The red 1966 convertible, which he bought in his mid 80s because "The women just love that car and can't wait to take a ride in it." (True story.)

Or you may remember the story I told (Grand Theft Rascal), about how he stole an electric scooter from the Kroger and then drove it back to his assisted living facility, parked it in a handicapped spot and then went inside and asked an old lady out for a date.

On May 28th, his many physical problems turned into a cascade of troubles, and he became a hospice patient. He was alert and conversant until the last three days. We had a lot of talks about what was coming next. His fears were assuaged when his parents came to him and visited with him, about 48 hours before he passed.

I was right there with him those last few days. In the last hour before he passed on, I was sitting outside of his room at the assisted living facility and was trying to rest. It'd been a long few days.

I heard a voice (not of this world) urging me to arise and come quickly, because he was passing on. I did as instructed and entered the room just as he took his final breath.

He passed in peace, on June 10th.

It was a heckuva experience, and I'm glad I was with him these last few years.

And while people express condolences for his passing, the fact is, this was a blessing. His quality of life had deteriorated quite a lot, and he was no longer mobile, and his mind - the thing he prized the most - was no longer working the way a mind should work.

He had a long life, and a good ending.

Rosemary Fuller Thornton

The photo below is from 1972. WHen I think of my father, this is how I remember him.

Here is a link that might be useful: My favorite dad story

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