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changing carpeted stairs to wood

15 years ago

I'm planning to remove the carpet from my home and replace it with wood. I already have some oak plank in 3 rooms, (Bruce Summit Hill Plank), and now I would like to continue that throughout the rest of the house. I plan to include the stairs in this project, and I'm wondering what to put on the tread part of the stair. Most of the flooring places are recommending just stair noses with the matching flooring plank on the tread and risers. But, I've seen pictures of stairs with a solid tread and solid riser. This option is much more expensive, both to have installed or DIY. (I have a carpenter friend who is going to help with much of the work, but just the cost of the treads vs. plank is significantly more). Cost is a factor, but I don't want to do something that will end up looking cheap and tacky, either. Does anyone have advice?

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