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What can I do with this 'hole in the wall'?

12 years ago

Hello there. My husband & I just purchased a new home, and the family room has a nook in the wall (see below), and we're trying to figure out how best to use the space without breaking the bank.

The model home had a custom built-in entertainment center (shown below) which we won't be able to afford, and we're planning on putting the tv above the fireplace -- have any of you turned a space like this into a nice display area? We were thinking of keeping it simple by having some shelves built in, maybe some cabinets on the bottom row to hide things like dvd player/cable box, etc...

How many shelves would you put in, and would you space them equally with some variation? How would you decorate this space? Would you paint the interior a contrasting color?

Would appreciate your thoughts.


"hole in the wall"


model home:


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