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recipe: recipes: 160+ soup recipes offered

15 years ago

My first time here. I've come from the Gardenweb Cooking Forum.

Over there, I posted that I have a Word file (also in .pdf format) of 160+ soup recipes. About 1/3 of the recipes were gathered from the Cooking forum (almost all of them also posted in a thread on this forum not long ago), about 1/3 of them are my original recipes and about 1/3 of them are basic recipes that I threw in to fill out the collection. Oh, and about 1/3 are other recipes that I've tweaked/improved. Okay, so that equals 1-1/3; I'm a chef, not a mathematician.

I am happy to share this file with anyone who would like it. Just e-mail me (thegardenguru at yahoo dot com -- use symbols and no spaces). Let me know if you can open a Wod .doc or if you need a .pdf file.

I'm planning to donate this "cookbook" to our county Foodbank. They do a "Bowl of Soup" fundraiser that involves people buying donated ceramic soup bowls that can be filled with soups made by local caterers and restaurants. They'll sell it as a cookbook for additional money.


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