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LOOKING for: Upscale Tailgate Party for 20-22 year olds

Rina Henderson
9 years ago

Hi everyone... am planning an event for a group (40-50) young men and women in our community who have been selected to participate in a kind of social affair (where they are selected as prince and princesses) ... long story. Anyways, we always host them when they are home for the holidays, so we can explain the dance rules/measure theme and allow them to socialize with each other. This year I'm in charge and we are having it at an old historic home under the oaks, from 3 - 5 p.m. I have come up with a theme "A Royal Tailgate" party, where we will be serving food from the back of a couple of pickups that will be lent to us from the local Ford dealership. Using black, white, and gold crowns with banners, tablecloths, etc... We were going to have it catered but we decided to cut down expenses and do it ourselves (me and my committee of 3). I need ideas on what to serve that doesn't require constant heating up... we do have access to a very small kitchen but am trying to make this simple and easy. Looking for food items to serve at an "upscale" tailgate. There will be no alcohol (lol). Original thought were sliders (where can I order ... don't want to make myself), chicken tenders, potato skins, veggie tray, cookies, coke and water bottles, with cute black and white straws, etc... Please send ideas, recipes or better yet... where I can order the food from .... Help! December 15th will be here before you know it!


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