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Final categories suggestions for the redesigned FKB

13 years ago

I've been working on the redesigned FKB for the last few weeks and it's almost ready to be published.

Once the new site goes "live" I don't want to make any major changes to the categories; I'd like to finalize them now.

I have a test site where you can view all the categories. (There are LOTS of them... split into 12 pages.)

Can you please give me some final category suggestions?

To access the categories on the new FKB:

1. Visit the test site at

2. Login: userid is "tester", password is "tester" (both without the quotes)

3. Click the tab "Modify/Edit My Kitchen"

4. You should see tester's Kitchen of Handmade Play Kitchens. Click the Edit button.

5. You should see 3 entry forms. The categories are in 2 of the entry forms. (I've disabled the Upload form since it's still a work-in-progress).

  • Click the button "Add My Kitchen Basics".

    Feel free to modify the contents on this form; nothing will be saved since the send button has been disabled.
  • Click the button "Categorize My Kitchen".

    Please go through all 12 of the major kitchen categories. And again feel free to modify the contents on this form since it cannot be saved.

Of course I need to mention that I didn't come up with all those categories myself.... most categories should already be included thanks to the help of these volunteer testers who've given terrific feedback... not just for the categories but for the flow of the site, too.

Thanks to beekeeperswife, Adrienne2011, prill, aliris19, learningguru, susan_in_maine, pirula for trying out the site and providing valuable feedback.

Thanks to Andi_K for your wonderful suggestions!

And special thanks to pllllog! You're you're a human dynamo! Your pages and pages of suggestions have truly helped to shape this site! Thank you so very much!

Here is a link that might be useful: The redesigned FKB - test site

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