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A redesign of the Finished Kitchens Blog - your thoughts?

13 years ago

First I would like to apologize to everyone for being such a slacker with the FKB. I meant to continue the updates but was so busy at work that I took a 6-month hiatus where I didn't add any kitchens. My employer has been downsizing/outsourcing so those of us left have 2-3x as much work as we had last year. By the time I got home at night I wanted to stay far away from a computer!

But things are slower now.. so I'm back.

Now I love the FKB and your beautiful kitchens... but the manual updates are just too time-consuming. When the FKB was first designed (way back in 2005) Web. 2.0 had just started to take off; there weren't many web applications besides blogs that allowed users to interact with a website. Heck blogger didn't even support categories back then! (Hence the use of the difficult "" for categories.)

But, of course, all that is changed now.

So I've been playing around with different web apps for a new FKB and think I found a solution that makes managing it much easier: a site where users can upload and categorize their own kitchens. You would need to register with the site, then add all your own kitchen details and photos.

The best part about this new site is it would allow users to search multiple categories (an enhancement folks have been requesting for years). So you could easily find all budget kitchens with maple cabinets.... or all kitchens with white cabinets, soapstone countertops and black appliances.... or all kitchens with light wood cabinets and open shelving. You get the idea.

I've already setup a working prototype... so it's definitely do-able.

My biggest concern is getting users to upload their own kitchens. In the past I've almost had to beg folks to fill out the Category Checklist to allow me to post their kitchens. Would you be willing to upload your own kitchen?

Any other thoughts? Or suggestions?

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