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Showing off my new skill

11 years ago

I'm no Jodi (or some of the other Photoshop-literate people at the KT), but when I started scanning my dad's slides I knew I'd have to expand my photo restoration skills. He encased most of his slides in glass mounts--thinking, I'm sure, that this would preserve them. Instead, the mounts contributed to their deterioration, trapping moisture and debris under the glass. Each slide needs a lot of post-processing.

So I bought a used copy of Photo Salvage with Adobe Photoshop, by Jack and Sue Drafahl, and it was a good purchase! I've learned a couple of new things already. Here's an example I worked on this morning. The picture shows my dad (with me in the background) on the shore of Noyack Bay on Long Island.


and after:

The restoration isn't perfect, but it exceeded my standards. :-)

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