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Corner cabinet - trash or super susan

10 years ago

Has anyone any experience with the product linked below? I'm trying all different placements for trash, and this would be a good one. I initially didn't want a corner cabinet with a super susan, but had really warmed up to the idea. I was planning to review threads from the people who loved theirs today and plan out what I'd keep on mine. But in researching trash, I came up with this three bin, 32 qt each unit that goes in a standard 36x36 corner cabinet.

The run along my front wall is going to be:
18" 4 drawer (silverware, ziplocs, saran wrap, towels)
33" sink base (centered under 52" window)
9" pull out
36" x36" corner

Then next to that on the next wall we're still trying to work out. The plan had been 21" trash and then fridge. But it may end up being a tall 24" with Miele speed oven then fridge. Which means I get some storage, but lose the trash there. I was looking at rev-a-shelf stuff to put below the speed oven when I came across the product linked below.

ETA: The cabinets are frameless so 4 drawer should be fine over 3, I think.

Here is a link that might be useful: corner trash center

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