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LOOKING for: catering menus and recipes

19 years ago

Im in the midst of compiling recipes and menu ideas for the catering business im hoping to open. What I need is tried and true recipes that are not expensive to make so not to burn up my profits. These menues are basically for partys like christenings birhdays graduation baby/bridal showers so a dish like Peking Duck is not necessary but baked ziti guys get me. Anyway I need to make menus that I will hand to customers for there buffet choices which they will have a choice of an all hot buffet a all cold buffet a half hot half cold buffet and this will be priced per person. i will also offer a specialty page for people who want to purchase a fully tray of Clams Casino or Italian Rice balls This list will include more diificult recipes whicch will pay by the tray. Any help will be appreciated as I have 42 papers in front of me and due to my excitement I have over 100 different ideas....WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE ON A BUUFET TABLE AT A STANDARD PARTY????????????? Also too I will offer a brunch menu.....REMEMBER not fancy fancy TIME IS MONEY!!!!

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