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Reupholster leather sofa seat cushions in different fabric?

14 years ago

We have a more than 30 year old Classic leather sofa with removable seat cushions. The leather overall is worn but generally in good condition but the cushions have begun to crack and rip. DH and the rest of the family threaten to disown me if I even think of getting rid of the sofa---they all love taking naps on it and think it is the most comfortable thing they've ever sat in. I know I won't be able to match the color of the leather exactly (dark blue)because even if I found the exact same type and color of leather as the original one would be new and the other would be 30 years old. Have any of you ever used a different but coordinating fabric on seat cushions that on the rest of a sofa? I once saw a sofa in a store done this way and I thought it looked okay but DH says he thinks it sounds awful. In case it has any bearing on your answer, the style of the sofa seems rather traditional. It has rolled arms with buttons, 3 seat cushions, and the back has "flip up" cushions (a lower and upper cushion) above each seat cushion section. Sorry I can't post a picture since I don't know how but any ideas you have are appreciated.

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