Do you like Walk-in-closets?

13 years ago

After reading Cheerful's thread about dual sinks, I began to wonder about WICs.

All the newer homes and apartments have walk-in-closets. I have never had one, so I am wondering how people like them after having one.

It seems to me that only one person could use the closet at a time, so it would actually slow down the process of both getting ready at the same time. With a regular closet (not sliding doors) at least you can both be choosing clothes at the same time.

I feel quite confident that if we had one, I would have to wait till DH not only selected his clothes, but he would also stand in there and get dressed. I would not have use of the closset until he was done.

Those of you who have a WIC, how does it work for you, and do you prefer it?

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