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Master bedroom walls, a short walk through and then the walk in closet

2 years ago

So this is going to be long and I apologize but I just don’t know where else to turn for advice so any help is GREATLY appreciated! We moved into a new condo and the master bedroom has a small walk through to the walk in closet (closet does have a single door but we might take it off) and the bathroom is to the right of the walk through and a regular closet (my husbands lol) is on the left of the walk through.

We’ve had black bedroom furniture forever. I originally wanted to paint it white or distressed white but was going to be pricey for the stripping/distressing, we tried to do ourselves starting with the nightstands (another story for another day) and realized it’s just too much to take on right now with work, time, moving, etc. also once we moved in I realized the builder uses Dove White (so off white to me) on all of the trim including all of the doors - so I didn’t think I’d like the furniture in white anymore (hindsight is 20/20 just should’ve repainted all the trim true white in the master bedroom and wall through, have to do it now anyway!).

The bedroom, walk through and bathroom walls (and any wall space seen in between white wood shelves in the walk in closet) is BM Smoke Embers (again didn’t realize trim would be dove white when picking it).

So we repainted our bedroom furniture BM Galveston Gray (AC-27). On the swatches the Galveston Gray looked like it would be a great contrast to the Smoke Embers but it is not, in certain lights the furniture looks taupe and in others it looks gray (Maybe because SW product and they don’t always get the matches exact IMO). We do love how the furniture came out we used SW emerald something or other type (its a newer version than the pro trim kind) and it actually looks like it was professionally done/store bought (a painter primed it and painted using a sprayer - we had given up on DIY!)

So to the point of my long winded story is now we need to repaint the bedroom It just doesn’t look great.

1. I do plan to repaint all the trim and doors everywhere a true white.

2. was thinking white for the bedroom walls because trying to match or contrast a different gray now I don’t think would work at all.

- Thoughts On that? Should I do white? OR Should I do a color like a blue or something?

- do you think I also need to paint the walk through wall color the same wall color as the bedroom because you can see it when in the bedroom?

- If yes isn’t that too much white?

The rug in the bedroom looks mostly beige I guess, but it has a lot of (equal amount as beige) flecks of gray throughout (when I picked it thought it would look more gray than beige the sample definitely did)...

Obviously I’m not good at any of this stuff, first time in this situation so I would love opinions, ideas, color ideas, etc.

- Main Q’s being - do the walk through and closet walls have to be painted same color as master bedroom walls because you can “see it all kind of together”? AND do you agree with white walls to be safe from the many shades of gray/greige already in the room? Thanks in advance!

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