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Outdoor Kitchen Placement - Opinions

15 years ago

I'd like to hear your opinions about where to place an outdoor kitchen relative to the rest of the house. Some background:

- Our kitchen is located on the east side of the house, and there's a door on the east wall opening from the kitchen onto a narrow covered patio, then a smallish bit of yard (about 20-25 feet deep) between our east wall and the fence. There is enough room here for an outdoor kitchen, but it clearly wouldn't be in the main backyard area or have a view of it, and I'm concerned that wouldn't feel right.

- The kitchen opens into our living room on the west, which features a 'wall-of-windows' overlooking our large 'main' back yard on the west side. There's a nice stone patio and seating area just outside the living room windows and plenty of room for a spacious outdoor kitchen and entertaining area. However, the nearest door to the west is through the dining room and TV room -- not as circuitous as it sounds, but not a direct path either, and no possibility of adding a door in the west wall.

- We grill several times a week for ordinary family meals, and host casual parties for 15-30 people about 10 times per year where we also almost always grill. So an outdoor kitchen area, no matter where it is, would get lots of use.

My question is where to put it. On the east side, where it's most convenient to the kitchen? Or on the west side, where it's most attractive and conducive to entertaining?

Both areas are shaded by tall trees, and our weather is hot and humid, so not 'hang out in the yard' in either case. Also, we already have gas and electric in both areas, so no advantages there.

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