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Start up tonight? (or tomorrow)

16 years ago

Hi all!!,, It's been a while since I've posted but got PT yesterday, acid washed and pressure washed today.. and its filling......

I have been doing an O/B project thatn I started in January... other than a bad tile installer (and $2000.00 wasted) its gone pretty well....

I think I'm ready to fire the equipement off soon (at least turn on the lights until it gets a little more full)

The Pebble Tec company installed all the covers and finished the interior of the pool, but they would not cut off the loop in the skimmer....

I think that is all I need to do before firing off the equipment.

What is normally used to cut the 2"(?) PVC loop? How much material do I leave or cut it flush with the bottom of the skimmer?

Looking for info soon...

I will post a couple photos... its been a long road, but one I would not hesitate to do again...




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