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Can't decide between CD fridge and larger cu. ft. fridge

13 years ago

I can't be talked out of a french door style. Freezer space would be nice but isn't as high a priority as fridge space is.

What we have now:

1990 typical freezer-above fridge w/ 18.2 cu. ft. and no space for gallons in door. No water or ice in door, and just get ice the old fashioned way, which sucks. We like to drink a lot of cold water so have a half-gallon glass water pitcher taking up some space in the fridge as well.

We are family of 5 w/ 3 fast-growing boys.

We have a small kitchen, and I want to move the fridge for efficiency reasons, to a location which is just to the left of a chimney that sticks out into the room 25".


1. I get a 23 cu. ft. counter-depth fridge (it might actually be 22.5 cu.'s hard to tell these things cause they advertise differently and inaccurately sometimes). That's 4-5 cubic feet more than what we have now, which is an improvement even though they go up to 28 cubic feet in the non CD styles. But as far as fresh foods only space (as opposed to freezer), that's only about 3 cubic feet more than what we have now.

If I get this 23 cu. ft. model, it would also fit in better next to the chimney (or the other possible location which is where the current fridge is now) wouldn't stick out more than a couple more inches beyond that. It would also not infringe on the already too-small kitchen footprint we have (sticking out even further than the one we have now). And lastly, we're always losing/forgetting about food we made or bought cause it gets shoved to the back and we can't see it and so waste the food/money. I'm not concerned that a CD would cost more, but I am wondering if only 3 additional cu. ft. in fresh area is enough for a family w/ 3 small boys who will only get bigger. FYI we do have a second freezer in the basement.

Does the fact that these FD CD fridges have such a better layout, help a lot re. only going up 3 cu. ft? In other words is it still worth it cause compared to our current one, it's so much more efficient, having: space for a couple of gallons of milk in the door; food can be seen since it's up higher and also not too deep so won't go forgotten; shelves are more adjustable; and no need to store a water pitcher in the fridge since water will come out of door cold (and yes I know the downside of that: that they have more issues and break down more often)?

CD fridges cost more but that's not enough of a concern for me that it outweighs the other issues.

2. 28 cu. ft. fridge w/ all the same features as the other one only bigger drawers/crispers and is deeper. Might be gaining even more fresh space than the difference in sizes because this particular model has thinner insulation technology than the CD model (even though same company). The pro's are obvious. There would be enough space for 3 teenage boys (they're nowhere near that old yet), should the fridge still be working in 10 years, and big holiday meals wouldn't be a challenge in the slightest. The cons are simply that the fridge would be awkwardly sticking out into the room (and opening doors might stick out too far too to be convenient, though it would still probably work with a little effort) and that the food would often get lost back there, out of sight out of mind. If I were a neat and tidy person it wouldn't be a problem but frankly I don't clean my fridge out often enough...especially when I just can't see well back there! ;)

Still...I won't make light of all that useful space.

Ok your turn. With all this in mind (if you haven't given up and stopped reading since I only know how to write epic novels, apparently!), which would YOU do???

Thanks so much.

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