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30 or 36' sink cabinet? Offset drain sink???

13 years ago

We will be ordering the cabinets on Friday! Suddenly we have converted to single bowl sink! We want to be able to put a trash can under the sink and are looking for a single sink with an offset drain (the drain to the side or the back) so that there will be room for the trash can underneath. We will be putting a garbage disposal and possible a faucet filter.

We need help with the following questions:

1. Does anybody know of a single bowl, offset drain sink brand to recommend?

2.Is stainless steel the best material? We found some offset drain single bowl sinks but they were all solid surface, never heard of this material for sinks.

3. Which size sink will fit in a 30 or 36" cabinet? (We are going with IKEA and they do not make 33"). We want to be able to fit a dishpan inside the sink. I figured that if we go with a 30" cabinet we could have a 6" spice cabinet pullout, but this is not terrible important. More important is to be able to fit the trash can.

THank you very much in advance!

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