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Use textured wallpaper to cover old wallpaper I cant remove?

I have a small bedroom, the former nursery, that I plan to turn into a library. It wonÂt be the English wood-paneled library of my fantasies, but IÂd like to get some of the same feeling. All in warm rusts, amber, or tobacco colors.

First off: the top half is wallpapered and has a border dividing that from the bottom half of the wall, which is painted. I had wanted to remove it all and paint. However, in other rooms of this house, removing the wallpaper has been a nightmare: the paste soaked through the porous builderÂs paint and into the drywall paper. I didnÂt expect this room to be any different. I/we donÂt have the energy to go through this again, and have several other rooms that need to be finished before extended family visits this summer from overseas. I thought of sanding off the seams and smoothing the wall with drywall compound, which I saw done on TV.

I had a friend over whose father had been a paperhanger. She helped me test the paper in a closet and sure enough, it only pulled off in tiny shreds.

She suggested, instead of trying to do drywall compound over the wallpaper and paint, to re-wallpaper using a textured paper that would hide any trace of underlying seams. None of the seams or corners are at all loose. All are very firmly glued down. I thought if I get a woven or leather texture that could work well for my library look.

Has anyone done this? How did it look?

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