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window treatment on double windows

12 years ago

I have no window treatments in my house, save the guest room. I hate to breach the citadel, but in the afternoon our office has too much glare.

My dh and I both have a set of double windows over our desks, all along the same wall. I am trying to chose window treatments that disappear as much as possible. Choosing relaxed roman fabric shades, in natural twill to match the woodtrim.

Here is the decision. I generally prefer inset to help make them disappear.

But... with double windows, I think it would look better to treat each set of windows as one, which would mean an outside mount mounted on the trim. Otherwise it will look too busy with 2 shades above my desk, about four feet of wall space, then 2 more shades above his desk. I think one 6' shade over both windows over my desk, and then the same thing over his, will look cleaner.

wwyd? see link to a double window almost the same as our sets ... note we will not be using see thru fabric, o/w very similar

Here is a link that might be useful: first photo

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