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Opinions on my outdoor patio cushions (pics) please!

15 years ago

Okay, here are some pics of my patio. It's really small---so I ended up pushing two bistro tables together and using the fireplace hearth as bench seating in order to create more room. (I can remove a table when it's just DH and I)

And I love my dog! LOL! I know it's probably a horrible design faux pas to have a gargantuous doghouse with his name emblazoned right outside my back windows, but... he likes it! ;) (He's an indoor-outdoor guy btw)

So to the crux of my post: I am making my own outdoor cushions and I'm having serious second thoughts about my choice. I thought that I would use some green to bring in some color but now I'm thinking these (unfinished!) box-cushions with that green are a bit too contemporary. The patio with all the stone is all muted and the green looks out of place to me.... you too?

Also, I'm scared of getting locked into a color. I started looking online at some cute lanterns to hang out there and nothing seemed to match with the green!

My next thought was to rework/redo these cushions in the cream color and just do a single seam all the way around them (not the box cushion) and add some welting. Maybe a couple of buttons and ties in the back. It would take the "puff" down on them too.

Then I thought maybe do black welting on the cream, black ties, and black buttons?






Also if anyone has any cool ideas for decorating with lighting, I'm open to options. The tables are too small to put anything on, but I thought of hanging a set of 3 lanterns or pendants (with candles) at varying heights over the hearth....? (The fan is in the way and wouldn't be centered with the hearth though.... but much needed during summer in Texas!)


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