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deck and patio opinions please

15 years ago

Hi everyone..I am in the process of hiring someone to do my yard. We already put a pool on one side, with a retaining wall on the outside that opens to a canal. We have done that wall in nicolock granite city, a gray. My thoughts were always to use gray pavers, cobblestone look perhaps, or tumbled random sizes. On the other side of the yard we will be doing decking on a higher level. The pavers and the decking will be next to each other, on different levels. I always thought I would do a gray decking, azek or xlm, but now I'm liking the TT earthwood in the walnut. I'm looking for opinions on the contrasting colors. My yard is not big, so I'm concerned with it looking too choppy doing different colors. And if any one has pics of a similar idea, it would really help. Thanks.

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