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Hand rails on torch down surface?

16 years ago

Hi everyone. Husband and I are in the process of adding a 2 story addition that includes a second story 8x15 deck over living space. Had we known the difficulty of waterproofing this living space, I am not sure we would have chose this plan but we did and now are in a bit of a quandry.

Contractor has experience in roofing and has said the only way to waterproof the living space below is to use a torch-down roof. Okay. So, we have a torch-down roof but now he says he doesn't know how he's going to install the required hand rails because he can't puncture this torch-down surface.

I am trying to get passed the first question as to why he went to the trouble of putting down the torch-down when he didn't have a plan for the hand rails and then I am trying to get passed the second question as to why install the torch down before putting up the siding and still using this area for 2 story access. But what I really need to know is how to keep this roof deck from not being a major problem down the line.

What are the options for installing these handrails at this stage? Could we attach the rails outside the perimeter of the deck- basically attach to the exterior wall? Could we build a sort of knee wall instead of railing, on top of the torch-down??

Related questions, can we use another water-proofing method in addition to the torch-down surface?

-A membrane like Schuler Ditra or Kerdi or Noble membrane. Used primarily in shower construction as a waterproof/uncoupling membrane for tile installation, even though we are not sure if we can or want to use tile.

-Another membrane like DeckRite which waterproofs but also provides an attractive walking surface?

-Contractor says liquid/roll on membranes such as MerKote would probably not stick to the tar surface? Could we put another layer of ply down and then use the roll on membranes?

-Is there surface material, other than PT wood, that could be considered for the walkable surface? rubber tiles for instance?

Now that the torch-down has been installed, what can we do to protect it? Cardboar or tarp be sufficient?


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