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Exercise Room

13 years ago

I tried searching and found a lot of threads about accountability and menopausal symptoms, but nothing really on decorating (or pictures of) home gyms, workout rooms, yoga spaces, etc.

We have a small bedroom (9x11) in our new house that is going to be the family workout room. Elliptical, treadmill, weights, the Wii Fit, and a mirror so my 10 year old daughter can practice her yoga and katas.

The treadmill folds up and the elliptical has a very small footprint as we used to have it in a stairwell in our old house (they didn't really plan for exercise equipment in 1883). We're going to have a cork rug made for the floor.

I'm wondering, does anyone have a home workout space, and if so, can they share some tips? All the pages I found online suggested bright colors and inspiring art. All I can see in my mind is bright yellow walls when I read that with pictures of Jamie Lee Curtis from Perfect. Yikes! I actually want a serene space (which is 180 degrees from what is "recommended.")

Also, does anyone know how much space is required for certain types of activities? That will help me plan the space, too.


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