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Is 1K a good price for Cat dental work?

12 years ago

My girl needs to go for a cleaning. I have been quoted from the vet (Ottawa Ontario) for $850-$1000.

This depends on whether or no they need to extract a couple of teeth. A blood work is required as Luffy has never got one done. And the extractions, well that depends if she needs it or not.

Is this a good price or way too much?

- pre anaesthetic test: $89.20

- anaesthetic IV fluids: $80.30

- dental anaes induction: $157.30

- dental isofluorane: $158-$237 (depends on how long)

- dental exam/scale/polish: $82.90

- dentistry ward fee: $33

- dental x-ray (4 or more views): $155

- extraction - molar: $40.70 per

- antirobe aquadrops: $47.82

- analgesia - elective surgery: $26.10

- metacam feline 3mls: $35.26

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