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Need a Lesson 101: Solar shades vs Screen shades vs Roller shades

9 years ago


Are all these different names people use to call the same roller type window treatments?

We have south facing windows (lot of afternoon sun coming through). We like modern, sleek looking window treatments so was looking into roller shades. No issues with privacy except in one bedroom. Want protection from the sun with regards to fading of hardwood floors and rugs and furniture.

Initially was considering a film on the windows but that will void warranty on double pane windows. Read on this forum that Solar shades are supposed to go on the outside and if you put them on the inside then same warranty problems arise with double pane windows.

Went on Hunter Douglas website there are no Solar shades only Screen shades and Roller shades. So is Solar shade not an option in Hunter Douglas or is it synonymous to their Screen Shades?

Could someone give me a WT- Lesson 101 please? so I can make an informed decision on what type of rollers I need in the Family room and what type do I need in the bedroom.


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