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stone and tile help! frosted glass, corian, stone dilemma

13 years ago

My head is swimming with all the choices! Please help!

Kitchen will be mostly white, contemporary in a classic modern kind of way.

Countertops: I want to love Corian, I really do... With Corian I could get it all seamless (It's long on one side) and I could even run it up the wall and make a little shelf above the sink with it--all one piece. I hate seams and little places that are hard to clean, so this sounds sleek, modern, great. But I am really hesitant to believe its claims about durability... I once had a Corian island top (fifteen years ago in a rental apt) and it seemed to be scratched and just not great looking pretty much all the time. Granted, I didn't try to repair it with sandpaper or scouring cleaners or whatnot... Does anyone love Corian? Find it stays looking great and or is easy to clean/refresh/renew regularly? I'd be getting a white color... The alternative, I think, is to get a Blizzard White Ceasarstone. That's what I'm leaning toward. We will have a small shelf running the length of the countertop, just four or five inches deep. I figure I'll do that in the same, and then maybe eventhe short backsplash that creates the shelf? But again, I don't love those seams it will make... Id' love your thoughts.

For the wall behind the sink--quite a large wall with no upper cabinets, so basically like a giant backsplash, I need to choose tile. Note that the adjacent wall is exposed brick. So I don't want to do a stagger/brick layout. Somethng that is not eyepopping at all, but yet nice to look at. I was thinking frosted glass, in true white, 1 by 6 inches stacked, rather than staggered. But I hear that frosted glass is hard to keep clean... Any opinions? It will get wet every single day (b/c of the sink). I also thought maybe a white stone would be nice... maybe a white, almost solid colored marble or something. I'd love any suggestions, as well as pics if you have any!

Thanks so much!!

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