Softener: Help me understand our water quality

10 years ago

We are moving to a new place and here is the city water report for the area. I am feeling quite overwhelmed with all the numbers. How should I interpret them and decide on a water softener? I would rather not have a reverse osmosis filter unless really needed. Two adults plus one baby in a 1300 sq ft house with two bathrooms (one tub, one shower), two dishwashers that are not expected to be running at the same time, washer/dryer. No jacuzzi's. Looking for an economical option.

Substances Range Average

Gross alpha particle activity ND-7.1 1.37 pCi/L

Radium 228 ND-1.3 0.14 pCi/L

Uranium ND-12.08 1.34 pCi/L


Barium ND-0.18 0.08 ppm

Fluoride ND-0.28 0.12 ppm

Nitrate (as nitrate) 5.19-39 29.23 ppm

Total haloacetic acids ND-44 19.8

Total trihalomethanes ND-68 41.5

Chlorine ND-2.16 0.64 ppm ppb

Chloramine ND-2.2 1.36 ppm ppb

Calcium 60-140 84.95 ppm

Chloride 33-100 55.4 ppm

Chromium ND-2.7 1.35 ppb

Color ND-1 0.14

Hardness 260-500 327.87 ppm

Magnesium 20-50 27.98 ppm

Odor ND-2 0.43

pH 6.83-8.38 7.48

Sodium 21-45 31.16 ppm

Specific conductance 530-1100 737

Sulfate 17-75 36.94 ppm

Total dissolved solids 320-630 439.6 ppm

Turbidity (groundwater) ND-1.9 0.3

Vanadium 3.99-6.79 5.56

90th percentile Average

Copper 0.38 1 of 30 ppm

Lead 0 1 of 30 ppb

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