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Yet another BS question! PICS!

13 years ago

I searched and didn't really find a thread discussing this, so please give me your input.

I need to order my backsplash tile this week. I went to order yesterday but then ????.

Ok, I know tile the back of the wall. And I'm stopping at end of counter on far right with a SS strip. Tiling to end of wall on far left with an SS strip at end of wall.(2nd pic) (Then starts the bar top-oops not fully in shot) Anyways, what about dead end walls. One in 1st pic (if you look through the ladder) and the one on the left(2nd pic)

There is a piece of my countertop laying by the fridge built in and the tile is the one on the bottom left. That is the paint color in the back of the fridge cab. See the end of that run through the ladder? Tile or no?


Here you can see the left end and a bit of the right. Tile or no? If tile. Stop at edge of counter with SS strip and cap with strip?)

Cab w/ countertop sample and tile


Had to share one more pic of cabs and counter sample!


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