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Help! Need to figure out how to manage this GC problem FAST!

16 years ago

Hi - we hired a GC in December to start our kitchen reno May 1st. So far, he's been evasive, hard to contact etc. He's eager to do the actual work, but has done nothing else. No engineer, no approvals of drawings, nothing. We've been begging him to do this, as I cannot order cabinets until I have approved drawings from the engineer for structural work, to make sure I can do what we think we can do with load bearing walls etc. Cabinets must be ordered next week (esp. since the free installation offer ends then...). He's known this since Jan. 1st... he's "been talking" with "his" engineer for 2 months now. I finally gave up, called an engineer yesterday, he's coming out today, and I'll have drawings tomorrow. Funny, it didn't take me 2 months.

That's the first problem.

2nd problem. He gave us a great, very detailed price, including $800 to take out and dispose of our existing kitchen. We still haven't finalized prices with him, and I have sold our kitchen for $2000 (yay) and was going to tell him to take that part out of the quote when we finalized (been asking him to finalize for 1 month now...) The problem is I got an email from him after I told him I'd sold the kitchen and he didn't need to worry about it, and he told me he had sold my kitchen and had a job to install it, and the prices he gave us were "lowered to reflect this". The more I'm thinking about this, the angrier I'm gettting. He now says his price will rise because I've "done this to him". What kills me is he had $800 in his quote to dispose of the kitchen at the dump...

Should I be getting rid of him? My gut says yes...

But, we won't get anyone now that can start on our planned time, or anywhere near that date...

AH! Help - please!!!


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