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Plum jam with cake, how to pull it off?

13 years ago

HELP! Calling all experienced bakers!

Last weekend I made some gummy plum jam, 4 half pints of it, and it ain't gonna fly as Christmas gifts so I want to figure out how to use some of it up this weekend at a dinner party I am having. That's about the only time I get a chance to try major desserts. Readinglady suggested a jam cake, but I don't know if I can pull it off. I see I have ONE 9 inch round cake pan. I guess at one time I had two, but since I have not made a standard frosted cake since I was in high school (Gerald Ford was president), and even then it was from a mix. I am not about to buy another cake pan I will hardly ever use. I have no tried and true plain cake recipes. Whenever I do make cake, I make it in 13 inch cake pan and it is usually blueberry crumb cake or pear ginger cake or some such kind of thing. I also have a bundt pan which I have not used since the 80's.

One idea I have for making a cake using this jam is to follow my pear ginger upside down cake recipe, except instead of using a butter brown sugar glaze for the pears, melt some jam with some butter and pour that in the bottom of the pan, arrange the pears, and then top with the cake batter. That cake is made in a 10 inch pan with buttered parchment paper on the bottom.

Another option is to try and swirl the jam with some kind of struesel thing inside of a bundt cake. I have never done that and have no recipe other than a Christmas Brunch Sour Cream Coffee Cake that you're supposed to make in a tube pan. I don't think I have a tube pan, but I do have a springform pan. But that cake doesn't call for jam, just streusel, so I'm not sure how to pull it off.

Lastly, I could make a white cake, and just bake it in two shifts using my 9 inch round pan. Then I guess I would just cut the two cakes in half and spread jam between the layers and then frost. I have never made this type of cake and I'm not sure how to handle the layers. The jam cakes I have had need to be very moist and don't they put something else between the layers?


BTW, it is plum orange jam with brandy. Tastes good but is almost like jello in texture. I'm hoping I can add some water or butter or cream cheese or something to make it more spreadable.

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