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12 Year Old Annie-Springer Spaniel

16 years ago

Our Annie has really started to go downhill :( She turned 12 in April and is really deaf now, cloudy eyes, not to mention arthritis since she is a three legged dog! She has an incontinent problem too but it has been under control with Proin until last week when she began soaking her bed when I would come out to the living room in the morning. I called her Vet and he put her on an antibiotic. That problem is actually better, she's not having a wet bed in the AM. Now I am noticing she looks awfully thin, about 40 lbs. I think, last year she was more like 44 or 45......Does anyone have an idea what my next move should be for her? I've been told by the Vet her teeth need a cleaning, they look like they are just wearing down to me. She seems to eat all right...Any ideas would be appreciated!

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