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update on dh

12 years ago


My DH 's neurologist called me this afternoon and told me they needed to take dh back to surgery,as he had another clot and bleeding in his brain.I've been up there all afternoon and just got home at 1:30 AM PCT.He came out of surgery around 12:30 am.Seems to be more alert than he was the last time,and not as drugged up.He now has a shunt in place to drain the blood.

We my DIL and i just stayed about a half hour,then he insisted we go home and get some rest.

I didn't want to leave until i knew he would be ok,and Praise the Lord it looks like my prayers have been answered,however i'll continue to keep the prayers going up.God always has time to listen!!

Thanks you all for the prayers and good thoughts you've sent up so far on his behalf.By the way his name is Eddie.



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