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Dog appears to be afraid of the dark

16 years ago

We recently adopted a mix breed, about 4 years old. She's a wonderful dog but with one big problem: she seems to be afraid of the dark.

We get up before the sun does and she just refuses to go pee before she can see. I've put her on a leash to take her out (our yard is fenced so she can and does go out alone when it's light) but she sits down and refuses to budge. She did it this morning, refusing to pee until she could see where she was going. It's not much of a problem now as it's light before we go to work, but in a few more weeks it will still be dark and the dog needs to pee before we leave the house.

Any suggestions as to how to get her over this? (She does not seem to have vision problems, being able to spot a squirrel at 500 paces.)

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