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Finally, my picture posted! Now, advice, please :)

15 years ago

Thanks to each and every one of you who helped me in my cluelessness of trying to post a picture!!!!! ha!

Okay, here's a picture of our favorite rug in our home. In our current home it's in our livingroom, but in our new home (which is under construction), I'd like to put this in our dining room. I need some advice. This is a concise description of the layout-- You walk in the front door:

Dining room directly to the right, only divided by a large archway (it will be open to the entryway)

Homeschool/multi-purpose room will be directly to the left, which will be divided by double french doors (so it can be closed off- not open like dining room)

If you're still standing in the entryway (which isn't much of an "entryway", really), directly in front of you will be our open floor plan- living room with kitchen off to the right-there will be a small wall dividing kitchen from living room.

What I would like to do is paint the kitchen/living area in a khaki-gray-green color (Valspar Barnwood). I really want to do our homeschool room in a warm blue-green-gray (maybe "Comfort Gray" or something liike that). These are my real questions:

What color should I paint the "entryway"? A lighter shade of the living/kitchen area?

I really want to do a chocolate brown somewhere in these areas- would it work to do it in the dining room? Would choco brown clash with my rug?

What would red look like in the dining room? Too much red?

I'm open to suggestions!!!!!!!!!

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