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36 Gas Range: DCS vs Kitchenaid vs Wolf

13 years ago

We are hitting a brick wall on making a final decision on a gas range. Right now our choices are DCS 36 inch, Kitchenaid 30inch and Wolf 36 inch.

The factors we are considering are consumer feedback, price and "look" in that order. The DCS has great reviews and a nice price--however not as crazy about the "look". While this is the least important of the 3 deciding factors, it is there.

The Kitchenaid's 30 inch has a great price, look and feedback. But it's smaller and will not be proportionate to the new kitchen space. The 36inch is a new design, and frankly unattractive.

Then there's the Wolf. Seems to have stellar reputation, sleek look but very expensive and possibly overrated? Although I'm not sure how much more expensive since I haven't shopped for prices yet. If it was worth the extra 1K or so, I'd do it but not sure I can find that price.

Anyone recently been down this road?

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