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Should I replace our RO system?

14 years ago

We moved into a house about 4 yrs ago that had a water softener, iron removal system, and RO system (culligan H83).

The RO system hadn't been serviced in many years. It now produces very little low pressure water. I'm wondering if this particular unit is still considered a decent system or not. I could have the filters replaced (pre particulate, carbon, RO, chlorine) for about the same price that I could buy a brand new system from Costco (Watts WP4-V)

The RO system is only hooked up to our icemaker and an auxiliary faucet at our kitchen sink. I"m not sure we really need the RO system but we need the softener and that water tastes pretty bad.

Assuming we keep an RO system, would you service the Culligan H83 or just buy the new Watts system? Thanks for any advice. And if you want to question whether we need the RO system at all, go ahead. I currently bypassed the RO unit and am running the water through the other filters in the Culligan system and nobody in my house seems to think it tastes very good, for what that's worth.

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