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Can cats sense someone is dying?

12 years ago

My FIL is very ill right now but we are preparing to start treatments. His cat lays with him most of the time anyway but the last week, this cat has stopped eating. She drinks water, but does not eat. We started putting that lubricant on her paws where she licks it off for help in digesting hairballs and constipation. She has not been in any clear discomfort at all. WE took her to the vet Tues and she was checked and tested and there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. She is still not eating, but acts fine and does still drink water and urinates. But when she is done, she climbs back on the bed to lay with him. I have been watching this cat and knowing how ill my FIL is, my internal red flag is starting to go up.....I did a lot of research on the internet about this but only find all the stories about Oscar the cat in the nursing home. Well as this story goes, they pretty much knew these people were dying. This is not the case here....but now I am getting kind of freaked out about this. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

thanks, deb

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