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Easy technique for painting window grids?

16 years ago

We have begun the herculean task of painting all the trim in the house. Every window, glass door, etc has real divided lights. We have tried just painting with a 1" brush, then using a scraper, and it has worked, more or less. But we are now in the family room, with additional challenges.

1. Each light has solar window film installed. Scraping this needs to be done very delicately and is time consuming.

2. In addition to having MANY of these divisions, there are several that are high up, needing a 16' ladder. As we are not so seasoned as painters we would prefer not to spend a lot of time up there, just enough to get the job done.

We tried taping a couple of windows, and it might work for the lower ones, but being up there could make it harder. And then there are the curved dividers...

Any effective tricks to reduce the workload? Thanks!

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