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Another TINY kitchen--help with layout

9 years ago

Hi all,
I spend a lot of time here on GW, but usually mostly only comment in Build and Remodeling. I enjoy layouts--moving spaces around, etc. So, I'm not spatially challenged.

However, my own home does have a space challenge. My current kitchen is about 8'8" by 7'5", and C-shaped. This house, our house, a cape cod style 1 1/2 story home, started out at just around 1400 total sq ft with around 800 on the main floor. A few years ago, we added on (the family room in the picture below. We didn't touch the original kitchen except to take down the exterior wall and make a bar height peninsula overhang where there used to be the wall. We also recovered the countertops (still laminate).

It is SOOO much better, and has worked for my family of 4 (2 children, now in grade school). We needed that family room space, and the upstairs space that we gutted and remodeled last year. House is now about 2100 sq ft total.

Now, I have my sights on planning for an eventual kitchen remodel. I live in an area with many high end homes, but mine is "older" (1980). The houses they are building immediately behind me are about 3400sq ft, and 3/4 of a million dollars. The upgrades, remodeling, etc that we have done and continue to do are all financially okay if we are ever to sell. But, more importantly, we are living so much better.

So, given our current cramped kitchen, what would you all do? The pantry is in the new space. And, I LOVE it. What I don't love is having to walk around the peninsula to get to it (I use it often). The fridge sticks out a couple inches into the 4'2" open doorway between the LR and the kitch/DR. And, it is really a 1 person kitchen. With 2 girls at home, and a busy lifestyle, but with an "at home" parent who preps most meals, the kitchen is cramped.

I've got a few ideas; I like floorplans. But, want your opinions.

Here is my layout, currently:

Nothing is set in stone (all appliances are electric, though venting the stove could be a problem depending on where it ends up). The shaded area of the peninsula is the old exterior wall, now half wall/split in the peninsula counter top heights. That wall has the sink plumbing, but it can be moved, imo.

I've considered a corner something--maybe the sink? Maybe the DW? Maybe the stove?

And, my first preference would be an island and L design, just because I am so tired of walking around the peninsula.

(eta: the wall behind the fridge is a load-bearing wall; as is the back wall of the pantry (left wall) (old existing exterior wall of the house))

But, I'm hoping some of you professionals have a grand plan for me! :/ :)

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