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Mismatched Granite Seam over Dishwasher--Need Advice

10 years ago

I hired a pre-fab granite company to install my granite. I told them I didn't want the seam to the left of the sink because that is where I do all my prep work. They ended up putting the seam, unsupported, above the dishwasher. There is about 14 inches of unsupported stone on one side. If my 5 year old were to climb on the counter to get a plate in the upper cabinet, it could snap. In addition, the matching job is horrible.

Also the undermount sink is not well-supported--no glue, you can see light through the front of my sink cabinet into the sink. There is nothing holding the sink up in back on the 40% side. Finally, they didn't insert shims in the front of the sink, and there is up to a 3/16" gap between the stone and the cabinet, so I think if I set a heavy pot of water on the front of the sink, it could crack. The question now is, what do I do?

I paid half up front, but after my contractor who built the rest of the kitchen told me about the bad installation job, I stopped payment on the check for the other half. When I went to the installer and asked them to fix the work, they told me there was nothing they could do now and that my contractor could find ways to support the seam over the dishwasher. They also told me the match job was normal. And they only offered to place some caulk in the front of my sink to fill in that 3/16" gap.

Advice? Fire the installer--have them pull their granite and demand my money back? Hire another company to fix the issues (except for the mismatch)?

Sorry for the sideways picture.

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