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High Heat Turkey question- Ann?

16 years ago

We're doing our late turkey today, Sunday and I've decided to do it high heat for the first time.

It's brined and refrigerator dry and a hair over 11 pounds.

I'm going to stuff it which is rare for me but I'll put the stuffing in hot to give it a head start.

At 500 degrees I'm expecting 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

My questions:

Is it important or even desirable using this method to start breast down or at least turn it on it's sides one time each?

Should I butter or oil the skin first or will this burn too fast?

Do I start with a little broth or water in the pan or will it juice up enough to get that going?

I'll check back in a while and hopefully someone with personal experience will drop me a suggestion or two.


Michael P

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