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Gentian Violet for thrush...anyone have experience?

21 years ago

I have read so many horror stories about gentian violet that I am nervous about actually using it. Whe I picked up the prescription the pharmacist came up tpo me and told me that it was very poisonous and I need to discard of it immediately after use so that my son doesnt get to it...she also stressed not to let Elsa swallow it. Hello? she is 3 months old, am I supposed to tell her to swish it around and spit it out? The poor thing has been taking nystatin 4 times a day since Christmas and it still hasn't gone away. And I think it really bothers her sometimes. I also have been using the nystatin cream on my nipples and it still hasn't gone away. The doc told me that I could give her this one time or give her diflucan for 3xa day for 2 weeks and I decided to go with the gentian violet. Does it really work and for how long does it stain the lips? I feel so horrible giving it to her after all I have read but the poor thing is definitely suffering from the itchies...

Please follow up and fill me in with your experiences with this strange medication!


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